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Our Artist in Focus is Liz Whiteman Smith. She makes witty, charming images of London landmarks, dinosaurs, and the dancing bird known as the blue footed booby.

Liz is a London based screen printer. As a Londoner, she is proud of the history and heritage in plain sight around every corner and the constant evolution and dynamism of the new that mixes, merges and develops this great city every single day.

Her series of London screen prints celebrates this juxtaposition of old and new that makes her home city so unique.

Her colourful screen prints are made by first drawing the image, adding colour, then separating out the colours into layers. Each colour is then transferred to a separate screen and printed. Each successive colour is added by first carefully lining up the paper to produce a perfectly registered image.

Liz makes prints to make people smile, enjoying seeing the reaction people give when looking at her playful dinosaurs or colourful blue footed boobies.

This series of dinosaurs was created after wondering whether dinosaurs would still be around if they had something to play with.

Liz also runs the North London Printmakers group of artists, which exhibits regularly at art fairs and exhibitions. She has work in the Victoria and Albert museum archives.

To read more about the process, please read Alison Lumb's blog post


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