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Southbank Printmakers Mini Print

 Competition 2022 Guidelines

The exhibition will run at our gallery in Gabriel’s Wharf on the Southbank from Tuesday 4 October to Sunday 4 December 2022 with Opening PV on Thursday 13 October 2022 6-8pm and Closing PV Thursday 1 December 2022, 6-8pm. This year selected works will also be included in the SBP online shop from Tuesday 4 October 2022 to Sunday 15 January 2023.



All professional and amateur UK printmakers are invited to submit work for this exciting exhibition. Digital submission deadline: Thursday 30 June.  Selected prints must be sent to the SBP Gallery by Friday 16 September 2022.



  • Submissions are invited from artists working in any recognizable hand-produced printmaking technique except for digital or giclée.

  • Each artist may submit up to three entries. Each entry costs £15.

  • The print image must be contained within a square area of 10cm x 10cm on a paper size measuring exactly 15cm x 15cm.

  • There is no specific theme, however, as Southbank Printmakers Gallery is open to the general public, we reserve the right not to display anything we deem to be unsuitable.

  • Submissions that do not fall within these criteria will not be accepted.

  • All works will be prepared for exhibition by Southbank Printmakers in a white mount and hung in panels on the back walls of our gallery.

  • All selected works may be included in the SBP online shop with the permission of each artist for an additional 6 weeks after the end of the physical exhibition from 6 December 2022 to 15 January 2023.

  • All prints must be signed, numbered and titled by the artist, in pencil, beneath the image.

  • All entries must be original and created within the last 2 years.

  • The Southbank Printmakers Mini Print Exhibition is a selling exhibition and artists are advised that a total of 35% commission will be retained by Southbank Printmakers Gallery so please set your selling prices bearing this in mind.

  • If selected the artist will be asked to send another of the same print for the browser, also on paper measuring 15x15cm, backed with stiff card, wrapped in cellophane and with a label on the back with name, title, medium and price. If the print is a monotype then a similar themed monotype will be acceptable.

  • All payments for sales of pieces will be made by Southbank Printmakers Gallery to the artist after the end of the exhibition.


Submission Timetable

For 2022, submission will take place in two stages:


  • Digital submission – Due 30 June 2022;

  • Selected prints to be delivered to the gallery – Due Friday 16 September 2022



The Digital Submission

Please submit a completed SBP Mini Print Entry Form and the image(s) of your prints to by the due date.  The entry form and the images can be in Word or Jpeg or Pdf.


Entry Fees

A minimum non-refundable entry fee is required of £15 per print.  Each artist may submit up to 3 entries (for £45). Payment can be made through Paypal or by cheque made payable to Southbank Printmakers Gallery. Please do not send cash.


To pay by PayPal, please visit:

Click on the “Pay now” button and follow the instructions


Entry fees:

  • Can be paid ahead of submission of the entry form and images.  Payment will secure your entry but leave you time to complete your print and submit before the closing date of 30 June 2022; or

  • Must be paid at the digital submission stage by cheque or PayPal (see above for details) or your entry will not be valid for selection.


Selection and Delivery of Prints

After the digital submission, the selection process by the SBP Mini Print Team will take place and the artist will receive a notification by email of selection and instructions for the physical delivery of your prints from 18 July but no later than 31 July 2022.  Selected works must be delivered to the SBP Gallery (see address below).  These will be included in the SBP Mini Print Exhibition Tuesday 4 October to Sunday 4 December 2022 and in the SBP online shop (if selected by the artist) from 4 October 2022 to 15 January 2023.


Return of Prints and Postage

Southbank Printmakers Gallery take full responsibility for the return of all unsold pieces.   All unsold prints will be returned to the artist through the post or collected from the SBP gallery on Saturday 21 January 2023. If you wish to have your work returned immediately after the exhibition, please contact us.


More details on this will be send out when your prints are selected for exhibition.


Editions and Replacement Prints

Please send a second piece of each edition for the browser to enable sales. If the print on show is a monotype, then a similar monotype will be acceptable. In the event of a sale, you will be contacted by Southbank Printmakers Gallery to send a replacement print.  Requests for replacement prints is limited to 2 prints per image per person.  



Although all work will be handled, packaged and transported with maximum care, Southbank Printmakers Gallery assume no responsibility for any damage or loss that may occur. All work is the responsibility of the artist at all times, so please ensure that your work is adequately insured.



There will be two prizes, the Public Vote Prize and the SBP Printmakers Prize.  More details will be published at a later date.



All participating artists agree to their selected work being featured in on-line and off-line publicity and marketing materials promoting the exhibition.


Exhibition Venue and Contact Details

Address: Southbank Printmakers Gallery, 56 Upper Ground, Lambeth, London SE1 9PP





Any enquiries by email to at


The Mini Print Competition Team

June Corpuz

Diane McLellan

Jo Booth

Tim Mitchell (SBP online shop)


Summary of dates SBP Mini Print Competition 2022

Entries open: Tuesday 3 May

Closing date for entries 30 June

Artist informed of selection from Friday 18 July to 31 July

Deadline for prints to arrive in the gallery: Friday 16 September

Hang: Monday 3 October 

 Private View: Thursday 13 October 6-8

 Exhibition: Tuesday 4 October - Sunday 4 December

 Closing drinks: Thursday 1 December 6-8

 Takedown: Monday 5 December

Online exhibition closes 15 January 2023

Pick up of unsold prints Saturday 21 January 2023




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