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Jane Lydbury           


Jane Lydbury is an illustrator and printmaker. 


“I love the way relief printmaking transforms an initial drawing or painting. 


Relief printing is basically stamping an inked surface on to paper.  If I start with an initial drawing, painting or daydream, I see the relief printmaking process transform it excitingly as the paper lifts from the block to reveal the cut shapes. 


I’m interested in the possibility of the many ways of relief printmaking.  Wood engraving was the first kind I learnt.  It is wonderful for making small, precious images that go well with text (although it has many other possibilities).


At the moment I’m enjoying exploring printmaking in colour, adding layers of colour to an image by the reduction method.  I’m interested in the workings of the unconscious, how dreams transform the everyday into the archetypal,  a transformative quality that is shared with the  printmaking process. “


Jane Lydbury has had her illustration work published by the Folio Society, Oxford University Press and Penguin Books among others.  She has also had her wood engravings published by private presses, most recently the Reading Room Press, Fine Press Poetry and the Jericho Press.  Her prints have been exhibited mainly at the Southbank Printmakers but also elsewhere, including with the Society of Wood Engravers, the Affordable Art Fair and at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. 


She also paints, mainly in watercolours, which provides much inspiration for printmaking.  

Apollo and Daphne

Wood engraving

10.5 x 13cms £190

Critical Care


15 x 11cms £110

Talking to the Moon

Wood engraving 

15 x 11cms £110

The Gardener

Wood engraving

15 x 11cms £110

Based on Andrew Motion's poem of the same name, from his series 'Coming Home'.  For complete poem click here

The King

Wood engraving


The Old Stone Steps

Wood Engraving

12.5 x 8cms £110

The Shepherd

Wood engraving

11 x 10cms £180

Song of Solomon: Night

Wood engraving

12 x 9 cms £190

Venus and Adonis

Wood engraving

10.5 x 13cms £190

Song of Solomon: Day

Wood engraving

13 x 8 cms £190

Actaeon and Diana

Wood engraving

10.5 x 13 cms £190

Odin and Billing's daughter

Wood engraving £190

Enlightenment (Greenwich Royal Observatory)

Wood engraving £225

Riding Home

Wood engraving

10 x 12cms £165

denizen of the night.png

Denizen of the Night

relief print

15.5 x 17.5 cms £165 SOLD OUT


Emily Dickinson

7.5 x 5 cms £90

One Tree Hill 1, Greenwich Park 24 x 70 cms (detail).jpg
One Tree Hill, Greenwich Park 24 x 70 cms (detail)(1).jpg

Greenwich - One Tree Hill detail

Relief Print

Greenwich - One Tree Hill 

Relief Print

24 x 70 cms £245

Eros 18 x 24 cms.jpg


Relief Print

18 x 24 cms £100

Summer 18 x 24cms.jpg


Relief print

18 x 24cms £100

9. Night, Wood Engraving 33x 33cm UF £190 UF £240 Framed .jpeg
5. The Orchid Tree, Wood Cut, 54x61cm £295 UF, 80x90cm £395 Framed.jpeg


Wood Engraving

33x30cm UF

£190 Unframed

£240 Framed

The Orchid Tree

Wood Cut

54x61cm UF

80x90cm F

£230 Unframed

£295 Framed

3. Facial Cleansing, Relief Engraving, 15x13cm £80 Unframed, 27x30cm £220 Framed.jpeg

Facial Cleansing

Relief Engraving

27x30cm UF

15x13cm F

£80 Unframed

£115 Framed

Such Is This World Of Ours

Relief Engraving

18x16cm UF

33x30cm F

£190 Unframed

£225 Framed

6. Such Is This World Of Ours, Relief Engraving, 18x16cm, £320 UF, 33x30cm, £370
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