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Rebecca Denton  

Rebecca Denton is a painter and printmaker from North London with a background in Performing Arts and conceptual illustration. Rebecca exhibits throughout the UK including London’s Bankside Gallery and has work archived in the V + A. 


Working from her own sketches and imagination, Rebecca’s aquatints are often whimsical, featuring imagined characters in imaginary landscapes. The narrative etchings are playful and nostalgic images, sometimes with a serious context but always hopeful and life-affirming.


“I love it when people connect with the work; perhaps it triggers a childhood memory or allows them to dream of a better world or just dream...”


Rebecca also likes the painterly quality of monotypes and enjoys the atmosphere and movement she can create, attempting to capture an expressive gesture, a short moment of beauty, where the soul of the person or place can be felt.

Recent Exhibitions

2019 September, National Original Print Exhibition, Bankside Gallery, London

2019 March, Affordable Art Fair, Battersea

2019 March, Printmakers Council exhibition ‘Journeys’, London Print Studio

2018 Aug-Nov, Printmakers Council ‘Memory’ exhibition,Royal Over-Seas League, London SW1

2018 May, Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead

2018 March, Affordable Art Fair, Battersea

2017 Sept, National Original Print Exhibition, Bankside Gallery, London

2017 March, 'Lasting Impressions', Scarborough Museum ('NYC' etching selected for archive)

2017 Feb, Southbank Printmakers @ The Oxo Tower, London

2016 Sept, 'In Two Parts', Lombard Street Gallery, Margate

'Cat Fest'          

Etching and aquatint,

36cm x 36cm  (Ed/30)

'Moon Catcher'  


20cm x 20cm



Etching and aquatint,

21cm x 21cm  



Flight ll

Drypoint and Monotype

Saturn Skate                




'Night Hooters'


Dream Seeds


Dandelion Seed


60cm x 49cm

Girl with Ball


Sea Birds


South Beach, Tenby

Unique print