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Libby Jones

Instagram: @libbyjart

Libby’s work is a combination of print, photography and installation. Because of her wide interests her prints reflect whatever has been her focus at that moment.

Libby has taught art in schools and adult education and until recently organised and taught screen printing at Kew Studio West London. She has exhibited widely in the UK and has had 6 solo exhibitions and won prizes for sculpture, drawing and installations.

Her work has been exhibited abroad including France, Austria, Spain, Japan, Germany and Australia and is in public collections including: Guys Hospital, Hillingdon Hospital, West Middlesex Hospital, The Sidney Nolan Trust and Dulwich College


2005     Masters in Printmaking and Professional Practice -

            Brighton University.  


1994     Advanced Diploma in Visual Studies

            Oxford Brookes University (Bookworks - distinction)


1991     BA (hons) 1st (sculpture) St. Albans School of Art



Dulwich College 

West Middlesex Hospital

Grainger Trust plc

Hillingdon Hospital

Thomas Guy Wing, Guys Hospital

Antarctic Night

Edinburgh Castle with Fireworks

On the Ice Floe

Cape Petrels

The Explorers

Stormy Seas, Icebergs and Albatrosses

Images below are part of an ongoing project called Two Faced. Libby Jones is collecting images of those who have been named and shamed (or in Trump's case not shamed) and making double screen prints showing at the top their benign public faces and below the face they would prefer to hide.

Cyril Smith - Two-Faced

Donald Trump - Two-Faced


Cat among the Pigeons


Jimmy Saville - Two-Faced

Harvey Weinstein- Two-Faced




IMG_20200128_093107 (1).jpg




Zig-zag artist's book

1. At the Chinese Opera I Linocut Framed £120 30 x40cm Unframed £9026x35cm .jpeg
2. At the Chinese Opera II Linocut and Screen printing Framed £120 30x40cm Unframed £90 26

At the Chinese Opera I   

Linocut with hand colouring Ed1/15

Unframed £90      Framed £120      

26 x 35cm Unframed 30x 40cm Framed

At the Chinese Opera II  

Linocut with screen printing Ed2/15

Unframed £90 Framed £120         

26 x 35cm Unframed 30 x 40cm Framed

3. Reflections II Screen Print on distressed paper Framed £120 25cx35cm Unframed £90 21x29

Reflections II

Mono Screen Print on distressed paper

Unframed £90 Framed £120          

21 x 29cm Unframed 25 x 35cm Framed

4. The Angel of the Arthropods  Mono Screen Print and etching Framed £190 55x65cm Unframed

he Angel of the Arthropods

Unique Screen Print and Etching

Unframed £170 Framed £190                  

45 x 60cm Unframed 55 x 65cm Framed

5. Forest Rhapsody Cyanotype on old sheet music Framed £210 40x55cm Unframed £170 35x47cm.

Forest Rhapsody

Unique Cyanotype on old sheet music

Unframed 170 Framed £210            

35 x 47cm Unframed 40 x 55cm Framed

7. Flying Fish III Mono Screen Print Framed £120 50x50cm Unframed £95 45x45cm.jpeg
6. Les Oros Acrobats Cyanotype Framed £120 23x30cm Unframed £90 30x35cm.jpeg

Les Oros Acrobats

Cyanotype Ed3/6  

Unframed £90 Framed £120           

30 x 35cm Unframed 23 x 30cm Framed

Flying Fish III

Mono Screen Print

Unframed £95 Framed £120              

45 x 45cm Unframed

50 x 50cm Framed

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