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Amanda Ribbans


Amanda studied graphic design in London where she explored lithography and screen-printing for poster design projects.


After graduating she became a designer and then the senior designer at the South Bank Centre. She was responsible for designing and illustrating the publicity materials for many major cross arts festivals. Two of her posters were awarded ‘Best Poster of the Year’ by the International Society for the Promotion of Performing Arts.


As a freelance designer she has continued to work for the arts, as well as broadening her client base to include education and charities.


The prospect of inheriting a beautiful Columbian press, prompted Amanda to sign up to a printmaking class at Richmond Adult College where she rekindled her love of printmaking, but with an emphasis on screen printing and linocuts.


She now makes her prints in a garden shed studio.


Her subjects are reactions to life experiences that have triggered a moment of happiness. She hopes that despite people not knowing the back-story, some of the feelings that motivated the image, will transfer to the viewer. Her design background has an obvious influence on her work, which is often bold and reductive; a combination of observation and imagination.

Golden Hare.jpg

Golden Hare

Linocut 18w x 14h





Linocut 15 x15


I Know.jpg

I Know

Screenprint and Linocut20w x 32h



Rocket and Luna


39.5 x 30h


Yellow Royal Festival Hall.jpg

Yellow Royal Festival Hall

Linocut 30w x 39.5


Here Today.jpg

Here Today


30w x 40h


Good Morning.jpg

Good Morning

Linocut20.5w x 22h




Linocut15w x 15w


Down at Cow Gap.jpg
River Swimmer.jpg

Down at Cow Gap

Screenprint and Linocut 21w x 31h


River Swimmer

Linocut30w x 22h


Pebble Tower.jpg

Pebble Tower

Linocut 30 x 39.5


1. Terns 30x20cm Linocut £120F £80UF .jpg

Terns *

30cm x 20cm Linocut


’*Terns’ print story

“Early one morning in August, when the day was set to be fair. I visited a wild and empty beach in Northumberland with two of my favourite people. We had hard boiled eggs, a bag of Frazzles and a flask of coffee as a picnic breakfast. The sand dunes were edged with waving Marram grass and the sea was numbingly cold. But what struck me most were the Common Terns; there were masses of them squawking overhead, slicing through the air and plunging into the sea for fish. I’d never seen this before. It was one of the many beautiful wildlife spots of our trip which included: dolphins, puffins, seals and a hare. Of course it loo’ked nothing like this, it’s been mangled by my imagination, but I’ve loved trying to capture what I felt in that moment. ”

4. Sparrows in Stroud, Linocut, 30cm x 34.5cm £90 unframed.jpg
8. Mackerel Sky, Linocut, 30cm x 40cm £120 unframed.jpg

Sparrows in Stroud


30 x 34.5cm

£180 unframed

6. Lovebirds, Reduction Linocut, 15cm x 15cm £80 unframed.jpg



15 x 15cm

£130 unframed

 Mackerel Sky 


30 x 40cm

£240 unframed

7. Little Monkey, Linocut, 15cm x 15cm £65 unframed.jpg

Little Monkey


15 x 15cm

£130 unframed

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