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7 colour screen print

Edition of 50

50 x 50 cm


Darwin found these cute little birds on the Galapagos Islands. The brighter the foot, the more successful and popular they were. They have evolved further to follow current fashions. These colourful patterned blue footed booby birds are performing a mating dance.


Original hand pulled limited edition of 50, 7 colour screen print on Heritage White 315 gsm paper. This is one from a limited edition of 50, as it has been registered and printed by hand each one is slightly different making them unique.


Signed and numbered on the front at the bottom. Orders are carefully wrapped and protected by thick card and posted in a thick carboard tube, despatched by Royal Mail Special next day delivery signed and tracked within three days, usually quicker

Liz Whiteman Smith - Courting booby couple II

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