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June Corpuz


I am a contemporary artist and printmaker from North London with particular interest in architectural and structural forms.   My focus has been in creating etchings and linocuts of common structures and buildings around London, Europe and South East Asia with a different perspective which I hope the viewer will find thought provoking. 


I have been captivated and intrigued by the fluid and dynamic aspects of printmaking and have sought to pushing the process beyond the boundaries of the initial etch or image. This has challenged me to constructed my prints using hand cut-outs and paper structures exceeding the existing thresholds of the printing and framing processes.   The results are three-dimensional prints that are meant to evoke the curiosity of the observer, eliciting  very individual interpretations of the piece.


Looking at one of my prints, a very perceptive six-year-old once said, “It feels like you are in it!” I have deliberately left some of my prints two-dimensional where the image radiates my feelings when I first encountered that scene and there is nothing more I could do to communicate that sensation. 

2) Summer Gingko at Belsize Park mixed media Etching  42x32cm £200 F.jpg

Summer Ginkgo at Belsize Park

Mixed Media Etching

42x32 cm

Framed only £200

Hay's Galleria in Indigo 2.jpg

Hays Gallery 2 (indigo)

41 by 50 cm

Etching & Aquatint & Cut-Paper 3D effect

Framed only


21 Mincing Lane.jpg

21 Mincing Lane

50 by 50 cm

Etching & Aquatint 



Chihuly Glass at Kew.jpg

Chihuly Glass (Kew)

30 by 40 cm

Etching & Aquatint & Cut-Paper 3D effect

Framed only


A Roof top in Florence.jpg

A rooftop in Florence

38 by 46 cm

Etching & Aquatint 



Tulips on Web.jpg
The Vasari Corridor.JPG

The Vasari Corridor Unfolding

46 by 56 cm

Etching & Aquatint & folded page 3D effect

Framed only


Tulips on a web

40 by 50 cm

Etching & Aquatint & Watercolour



1) St Paul_s Reflections Unfolding etching folded paper 42x32cm £106 F .jpg

St Paul’s Reflections Unfolding

Etching Aquatint & Folded Paper

42x32 cm

Framed only £160

9) The Glass Roof at Hay_s Galleria 42x52cm Etching and paper structures £270 F.jpg

The Glass Roof at Hay’s Galleria

42 x 52cm

Etching, Aquatint & Paper Structures

Framed £270

5) Arches-Genoa Etching and paper structures 22x32cm £180F .jpg


Etching, Aquatint & Paper Structures

22x32 cm

Framed only £180

6) Midsummer at St Dunstan in the East Etching and paper structures 42x52cm £250.jpg

Midsummer at St Dunstan in the East

Etching, Aquatint & Paper Structures


Framed only £250

3) Paddington Revisited Etching and paper structures 42x32xm £250 F.jpg

Paddington Station Revisited

Etching and paper structure

8) 21 Mincing Lane 51x51cm Etching and paper structures £300 .jpg

21 Mincing Lane

51x51 cm

Etching, Aquatint & Paper Structures

Framed  £300

7) North Wall St Dunstan Etching 42x52cm £160F £100 UF  .jpg

The North Wall at St Dunstan in the East

Etching & Aquatint

42x52 cm

Framed £160

Unframed £100

3. Around the City of London Etching and Aquatint 42x32cms Framed £260 Unframed £200.jpg

Around the City of London

Etching, & Aquatint

42 x 32 cm

Framed £260

Unframed £200

5. On Hampstead Heath Etching and Aquatint 42x32cm Framed £260 Unframed £200.jpg

On Hampstead Heath

Etching, & Aquatint

42 x 32 cm

Framed £260

Unframed £200

1. Beyond the Green Tapestry Etching and Aquatint with folded paper 52x42cm Framed only £3

Beyond the Green Tapestry

Etching, Aquatint & Folded Paper

52 x 42 cm

Framed only £380

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