Julie Sullock


Julie Sullock studied Fine Art at St Martin's School of Art and completed an M.A in Printmaking at Brighton Polytechnic in 1988.


Since leaving Art School Julie has continued to paint and make prints. She combines Etching and Screen to build up layers of colour to create different perspectives within the work. Julie’s work is concerned with colour and mood and she is inspired by nature and much of her work is abstract.


Julie is a member of the Printmakers' Council where more of her prints can be viewed.





Julia Gomperts painting award based in Tuscany 2007



In the 'Lambeth Weekender' Julie's image was used to advertise 'Lambeth Open' on the front cover as well as a piece inside the paper, dated September 19th 2014. www.weekenderlife.co.uk


An article with Julie's image was used to advertise 'Richmond ArtHouse' in July 2014 issue of the 'Residents Journal'.


Evening Standard online short article with a reproduction of Julie's print 'feather'.


Article in 'Printmaking Today' Spring Issue 2014 with reproduction of Julie's print 'Dots'.

Four Dots


Autumn Tree 

Collograph & Gouache

33 X 42cm



10 cms x 10 cms

Purple and Blue 


31 X 39cm

Prussian Tree


Yorkshire Landscape

Richmond Park


Screen and etching

12 x17 cms 


Screen and Etching

Into the Blue


Sun rising

Screen and gouache

To be a lovely fearful thing

Pink Dot

Screen and etching

14 x 18.5 cms

Blue Stripe

Etching and Chine Colle

14 x 18 cms

Dots 2

Screen and Gouache


Mono screen print


Screen and Etching

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