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Yvonne Guerrier




Yvonne is a Putney based artist printmaker. She now works mainly in silkscreen although she has also produced linocuts and etchings. Much of her current work uses photographic images (often heavily manipulated) and reflects an interest in cut-out imagery, shadows and repetition. She often prints on metallic paper.


For 35 years, Yvonne pursued a career as a university lecturer/professor (in management). In the 1990s, she re-engaged with her early passion for making art by taking a variety of classes at the City Lit, Morley College, West Dean and The Edinburgh College of Art Summer School (where she won the Summer School Prize in 2000).


She became interested in printmaking after taking courses on linocut printing with Dale Devereux Barker. In 2011 she started the part-time foundation diploma in art and design at West Dean which she completed in 2013. She started screen-printing at Putney School of Art in 2014 and now focuses on printmaking and exhibits regularly.


She has exhibited at the V&A (Inspired by the V&A), the Morley Gallery, the Oxmarket Gallery in Chichester as well as various venues in South West London.

Umbrellas in Tokyo.jpg

Umbrellas in Tokyo


24x26 cm

£170 (framed) £95 (unframed)

Umbrellas in Tokyo 2.jpg

Umbrellas in Tokyo 2


24 x26 cm

£170 (framed) £95 (unframed)

The Weir


41 x39 cm

£155 (framed) £95 (unframed)



21 x26

£95 (unframed)

The weir.jpeg



39 x 15 cm

£135 (framed) £80 (unframed)

Dancing the Tango in Argentina.jpg

Dancing the Tango in Argentina


29 x 36 cms

£95 unframed

yet another view of Mount Fuji.jpg

Yet another view of Mount Fuji


36 x 33 cms

£95 unframed

another view of Mount Fuji.jpg

Another view of Mount Fuji


30 x 16 cms

£95 unframed

1. Yvonne guerrier cat on carpet gold screenprint on metallic gold card 20 x25cm UF.jpg

Cat on carpet (gold) (2021)

Screenprint on metallic gold card

20 x 25 cm

Price £95 unframed

5. yvonneguerrier ganesha on gold screenprint 20x29cm £95UF.jpeg

Ganesha (gold) (2021)

Screenprint on gold paper

20 x 29cm

£95 (unframed)

Najac (2021)

Aquatint etching

12 x38 cm

Price £95 unframed

3. Yvonneguerrier najac etching 12 x 38cm £95UF.JPG
6. Yvonneguerrier zumba shoes screenprint on mirrored paper 29x26cm £95 UF.jpg

Zumba shoes (2021)

Screenprint on mirrored paper

29 x 26cm

£95 (unframed)

7. Yvonne Guerrier Autumn walking shoes screenprint 20x20cm £95UF.jpeg

Autumn walking shoes (2020)



£95 (unframed)

8.Yvonne Guerrier Japanese garden  etching with chin collé 29x21cm £110 UF.jpg

Japanese garden (2020)

Etching with chine collé

29 x 21 cm

£110 (unframed)

2. Yvonneguerrier tango dancers screenprint 40 x19cm £95UF.JPG

Tango dancers (small) (2021)


40 x19 cm

Price £95 unframed

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