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Teresa Schippel Hales


As an artist I take inspiration from nature; the interplay of sunlight, the formation of shadows and silhouettes, reflections in water; from puddles to the sea.  And the sky; clouds, dramatic and threatening or light and insubstantial, creating a unique and limitless visual theatre.  Other work takes inspiration from functional manmade objects; beauty in the mundane: padlocks, keys, tools, bikes, tables & chairs.  Not solely attracted by their forms and textures, I am also drawn to the relationship between positive & negative, by their compositional qualities.


My time is split between the Working Men’s College etching studio, East London Printmakers and my home studio in North London.  I am fascinated by the many and various processes and the tactile, visceral qualities involved in etching and printing, from the relative simplicity of a linocut or screen-print created at the kitchen table, to more technical methods requiring more specialised materials and equipment.


My artwork is based on my photographs and drawings. I edit and manipulate these images digitally, focussing on a heavily contrasted black and white end-result. I develop these images utilising photo, drypoint, hard ground and transfer lift etching techniques.

07931 756452

Moving On Up.jpeg

Moving on Up

Photo Etching/Aquatint

Framed 49 x 61cm Image 27 x 37cm

Edition of 40

£320 framed

£220 unframed

Somerset House.png

Somerset House

Photo Etching/Aquatint/Watercolour

Framed 24.5 x 29.5cm Image 9 x 9cm

Edition of 30

£120 framed

£75 unframed

Rhossili (new).jpeg


Photo Etching/Aquatint/Watercolour

Framed 33 x 40cm Image 14 x 21.5cm

Edition of 30

£185 framed

£110 unframed



Photo Etching/Aquatint

Framed 48 x 50cm Image 29 x 29cm

Edition of 30

£300 framed

£200 unframed

Deal Huts.jpeg

Deal Huts

Photo Etching/Aquatint/Watercolour

Framed 47 x 38cm

Image 28 x 14cm

Edition of 30

£195 framed

£120 unframed

St Fagans

Photo Etching/Aquatint

Framed 40 x 50cm

Image 20 x 26.5cm

Edition of 30

£240 framed

£150 unframed

St Fagans.jpeg
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