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Peter Wareham



My work as printmaker tries to extract the drama from scenes, be it in landscapes or in the interaction between figures. I also try to express the decorative qualities that I find in still life objects. Printmaking and particularly etching brings a particular sharpness and contrast that enables me to achieve this.  The ideas come from landscapes, cityscapes and still life of objects. The work begins through drawings and photographs taken at the scene from which I construct prints - mostly as etchings and more recently in lino cuts and wood cuts at the Artichoke Print Workshop in South London. 

Wild Plum In flower


35 X 52cms

Edition 70

London Plane


28 X 40 cms 

Edition 30

Moonlight over Blackfriars


40 X 29 cms

Edition 70

Leeds Castle  


25 X 38 cms

Edition 40 

Still life with red scarf
18" x 24"
Edition 35

Still life with Cezanne's chair
18" x 24" 
Edition 35

Starry starry night
etching / relief
19"x 16"
Edition 35

Red Rosa
6" x 9"
Edition 35

Monet on the bend in the river
Etching/ mono print
19" x 25"
Edition 35

Evolutionary Matters
16"x 12"
Edition 70

Bend in the river

Etching /monoprint
19" x 25 "
Edition 35

Thames River Traffic.jpeg

Thames River Traffic

etching / aquatint Edition:70

23 x 35cms £120

Monet on the bend in the river.jpeg

Monet on the bend in the river

etching / relief print Edition: 35

50 x 60cms £350

Millennium Bridge

etching / aquatint Edition: 70

24 x 37cms £120

Millennium Bridge.jpeg
Winter Swimmers at Brockwell Lido.jpeg

Winter Swimmers at Brockwell Lido

etching / relief print Edition: 70

37 x 39cms £180

Autumn Plane gold.jpeg

Autumn Plane gold

etching /relief print Edition: 35

50 x 41cms £220

Rain cloud over Eigg and Rum.jpeg
Seaside Meditation.jpeg

Rain Cloud over Eigg and Rum

etching / aquatint Edition: 35

45 x 30cms £220

Seaside Meditation

etching / aquatint Edition: 70

15 x 11cms £50

Heart of matter.jpeg

Heart of matter

etching Edition: 50

41 x 32cms £120

Naked Tango.jpeg

Naked Tango

hand coloured etching aquatint Edition: 35

33 x 20cms £120

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