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Maureen Sweeney 

 BA(Hons Fine Art), PGCE,MNS


Maureen studied Fine Art B.A and post graduate printmaking at Wimbledon School of Art. She was awarded the Roberson prize for Figurative Art and represented  WSA at the Stowell trophy,Royal Academy . . 


Maureen is a committee member of the National Society of Painters, Printmakers and Sculptors and a  member of Southbank Printmakers Gallery and Greenwich Printmakers Gallery.

She has exhibited  internationally in France, Germany , Israel and Russia.




Cornish harbour

Mixed media 

55 x 33 cm

Cornish landscape


35 x 35 cm

Sennen Cove 


30 x 30 cm

View from the Tate Modern


54 x 22 cm

The print assemblages that Maureen is showing below are inspired by her travels to Greece and Cyprus.

The images refer to the ancient myth of the birth of Aphrodite from the foam of the sea in a beautiful bay in Cyprus . The images are printed onto canvas which is lashed with cord through eyelets onto the frames; this evokes  the ten years of Ulysses wandering the seas after the fall of Troy.


St Paul_s and the Thames.jpg

St Pauls and the Thames

Screenprint and inkwash


Evening on the Thames 50 x 50cm.jpg

Evening on the Thames

Screenprint and watercolour


Southbank Graffiti.Jpg

Southbank Graffiti



Alone in the city.Jpg

Alone in the City



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