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Charlotte Staunton

Charlotte is a linocut printmaker based in London, primarily printing with reduction and multiblock linocut techniques. The essence of Charlotte's art radiates through sumptuous textures and meticulous details. Every creation beckons observers into a realm where tranquillity emanates from both real and envisioned landscapes. Nature and mindfulness serve as wellsprings of inspiration, infusing Charlotte's pieces with a profound sense of connection and contemplation.


In 2024, noteworthy Open Call exhibitions included Ironbridge Fine Arts and Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair. Charlotte was recently awarded the St Cuthbert’s Mill award at the Derby Print Open.


Through the Trees.jpg

'Through the trees'


Print size 20cm x 30.5cm  

Sunflowers 15.5 x 20.jpg



Print size 15.5cm x 20cm

'The Falls'


Print size 17.5cm x 40cm

The Falls.jpg
Palmehuset 27 x 30.jpg


Linocut Reduction

Print size 27cm x 30cm




Print size 10cm x 10cm

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