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Buffy Kimm

Buffy is a printmaker, paper artist and mixed media artist. Born in Portsmouth, Buffy achieved a BA Hons in Three Dimensional Design at Kingston Art College. Throughout her career as a set designer in both theatre and television, model making and sketching have played a significant part in her design process. She is inspired by what others discard and throw away, and by what is often unnoticed. This informs her art practice and is a common thread throughout her work.


She started etching in 2012 and fell in love with the process that etching requires. She is very interested in photography, particularly abstract detail in architecture, natural forms and textures. She looks for the obscure and the unusual angle, rather than a straightforward image, and uses these images to inspire her printmaking. She has exhibited abroad and in the United Kingdom.


She is a member of the Printmakers Council, Richmond Printmakers, KAOS (Kingston Artists Open Studios) and Southbank Printmakers Gallery.




Instagram: #buffy.kimm



Etching with aquatint  36 x 48 cms 

£195 framed £145 unframed


Pink Dog with Turquoise Spots

Etching with Aquatint and felt tip pen

36 x 48 cms. £195 framed, £145 unframed


Scrim with Red Dot 

Etching with Chine Colle’

38 x 38 cms  £195 framed. £145 unframed


From Inside Looking Out  

Etching with Aquatint 48 x 38 cm

£195 framed  £145 unframed




Etching with Aquatint

55 x 55 cms £200 framed £175 unframed


Hayling Sands 2

Etching with Aquatint

£195 framed  £145 unframed

36 x 48 cm


Poles Apart 

Multi plate etching with aquatint

£680 framed £600 unframed

75 x 75 cm



Etching with Aquatint 35 x 35 cms

£150 framed £110 unframed


Seaweed 1   

35 x 50 cms.

£150 framed £110 unframed

5. Hayling Sands 1 etching 36x48cm £195 F £145 UF .jpg

Discarded 1   

2 Plate etching. 50 x 50 cms 

£250 framed £200 unframed

3. Dreaming etching with aquatint  36x48cms £130 F £90 UF.jpg


Etching with Aquatint

36 x 48cms

£130 framed £90 unframed

Hayling Sands 1

Etching with aquatint

36 x 48cms

£195ramed £145 unframed

2. Woven Red Etching with aquatint and watercolour EV £125 framed  £90 unframed

Woven Red

Etching, aquatint & watercolour EV 30x30cm

£125 framed 

£90 unframed

7. Memories of Algeria Red 5 Etching with Chine Collé £165 framed  £125 unframed 38x38cm.j

Memories of Algeria Red 5

Etching with Chine Collé


£165 framed 

£125 unframed

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