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Ros Morley


Ros Morley is a practising Fine Artist/Printmaker, producing her vibrant, colourful prints with mixed-media.  Her joyful, semi-abstract, landscape prints are mostly linocut or collagraph prints, plus some etchings, with aquatint and chine-collé.


Her work focuses on magical, colourful atmospheres, stemming from an emotional response to capturing an essence of a place.  Ros uses her travels to inspire her work, including in the past two years, to India and Vietnam where the bright colours, vibrancy and visual stimuli have been a huge source of inspiration.  Ros is inspired by nature, exploring contrasts of place, colour and different cultures, including dazzling landscapes or occasionally urban scenes.  Colour, light and beauty are a constant source of inspiration, along with the work of Matisse and Bonnard.


She has worked as an art lecturer at several colleges (Barnet College, Westminster AEI) and taught in a variety of schools.


Ros has a BA (Hons) in Fine Art (Painting) from the University of the Arts, Camberwell, London, plus a one year post-graduate teaching qualification (PGCE).  Ros also has a Masters’ degree in Printmaking from Brighton University /The London Print studio.


Work held in Public Collections


Victoria & Albert Museum Print Collection, London.  2015 & 2017

Wolfson College, Oxford University (2005)

Brighton University (2009)

Flower Market, Hanoi

Collagraph/mixed media

38 x 30 cms 

Let the Bells Ring Out

Collagraph/mixed media 

49 x 39 cms

Flower Seller, Hanoi

Collagraph/mixed media

 59 x 47 cms

Memories are Everlasting

Colograph/mixed media

50 x 40 cms

Memories are Truly Everlasting

Collagraph/mixed media

50 x 40 cms

New York Botanical Gardens

Collagraph/mixed media

41 x 51 cms

Gazing out to Boats

Collagraph/mixed media

Seascape 1 (miniprint)

collagraph, mixed/media

New York Botanical Gardens III

Collagraph/mixed media

41 x 51 cms

Sail Away

linocut/mixed media

Seascape ll

collagraph/mixed media

Stepping Towards the Harbour

linocut/mixed media