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Jo Booth

Jo Booth is a painter/printmaker who is based in London. Her work is focused on landscape and the natural world. She longs to live by the sea in her native welsh countryside and this longing or 'hireath' is a huge influence on her work.

Little White Cottage.jpeg

Little White Cottage by The Sea 6/10

linocut 14.5 cm x 19.5cm

Last Light.jpeg

Last Light of Evening AP

Linocut 14 x20 cm

Copper Sun.jpeg

Copper sun on the shore 3/30


10 x 10 cm


Rhossili resplendent in the setting sun 2/5


£55.00 23 x19 cm

Cyclamen Pot.jpeg

The Little Cyclamen Pot 1/25

Linocut 10 x 16 cm 


Orchid for a friend 14/25

Linocut 10 x 16 cm 

My Heart Lives.jpeg

My Heart lives on this beach….1/3


£85.00 36 x 10 cm


A Glorious Evening in Marazion 2/10 - coloured

Linocut 12.5 x 8 cm

Landing Page.JPG

Landing Page

Edition sold out

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