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Heather Graham

Heather Graham is a fine artist/printmaker based in SW London and Devon.  She trained as a textile designer, worked as an editorial stylist and then became a product designer of home furnishings for a global retail brand.  In 2014 she went back to study an MA in fine art and rediscovered the print room and with that new ways of drawing, mark making and creating images.

Her imagery is often derived from her photos and observations of the natural world and its colours, marks and patterns. Sometimes she uses nature directly with the imprint of leaves on a soft ground etching plate or the silhouettes of natural objects as part of the screen printing process. She is widely interested in art past and present, as well as representing the world as she experiences it.






Printmakers Council


screen print

10 x 10 cms

Venus I (Homage to Cranach) 

etching and screen print,

25 x 15 cms

Umbra Tattoo & Bird

Screen print

29 x 40 cms



20 x 16 cms

Mr and Mrs Andrews (Homage to Gainsborough),

screen print,

10 x 10 cms

Renaissance Landscape

screen print

20 x 20 cms


Collage of sections of etchings and screen prints 

80 x 110 cms